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Some blah-blah about me

I'm Anton, a passionate self-taught web developer with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity. For the past three years, I've been immersed in the world of web development, constantly learning and growing.Working primarily with TypeScript, React, and CSS, I've honed my skills in front-end development. I kickstarted my career by building an online menu for a restaurant using React and CMS.Currently, I'm completing an internship at Riverse, a green-tech start-up where I have been responsible for almost the entire front-end development of their carbon credit sales platform. I've used TypeScript, Next.js, and TailwindCSS, conducted usability and accessibility tests, and made contributions to the back-end.To expand my skills, I'm pursuing the Professional Data Engineer Certification program by Google to gain expertise in back-end development and data engineering.I am committed to making a positive impact on the world and the web. Inclusivity and environmental sustainability are of great importance to me. I am enthusiastic about collaborating on projects that prioritize accessibility and contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future.


realName: Anton Begunenko

revolutionsAroundTheSun (aka years): 30

myGithub: CodingWatchCollector

socialAccount: linkedIn

My projects/work

Riverse carbon credits platform interface

Carbon credit trading platform

I handled 90% of the front-end codebase, utilizing Next.js, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Auth0, and unit tests. Additionally, I conducted screen reader and usability tests to ensure accessibility and usability.

Link to the Riverse platform
Rentawilder home page preview

Equipment rental website

In a small team, we are designing and developing a web application as our study project. The project already includes reservation management, uses GraphQL and TypeORM for the back-end, React for the front-end, and also unit and end-to-end tests. We implemented CI/CD with Docker, GitHub Actions, and webhooks for seamless deployment. Additionally, we are building a complementary application using React Native.

Link to the latest version of our equipment rental project
Ableton about page preview

Ableton about page

Sometimes you don’t need full React app to make a nice looking functional page. HTML, CSS and 10 lines of JS (for mobile nav) are enough and it leaves more time to care about HTML structure and accessibility.

Chez M'man in light mode website preview

Chez M'man Mobile Menu

Lightweight online menu. Loads fast even on regular 3G, uses CMS to update the content.